The World’s First NFT Luxury Car Club

Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFTLazy Lambs NFTLazy Lambs NFTLazy Lambs NFT

Lazy Lamb is the first luxury and exotic car club where membership is purchased through an NFT and owned by the token-holders.

The project offers 10,000 limited non-fungible membership tokens with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.Token ownership grants access to our private car club, with exclusive member-only benefits to experience the high-end automotive lifestyle, including the chance to win four real-life supercars!
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The Club

The Community

Lazy Lamb members are shaped by car culture: its history, its technology, its lifestyle, and most importantly, the thrill of the drive. While our car knowledge is the common bond, it is the passions and pursuits of each Member that makes Lazy Lamb so unique, creating the perfect environment for networking and socializing.

Physical Events & Pop-ups

Join this exclusive community for physical & virtual events, including parties, car meetups, charity drives, and other exclusive events that bring our Members together to create a truly special atmosphere and forge friendships.

Driving Experiences

Enjoy a wide variety of car-themed events, such as track days, automotive premiers, learning classes, car drives, and other member-only curated experiences that resonate with the automotive enthusiast inside all of us.

The Lambs

In addition to the membership benefits, Each Lazy Lamb NFT also includes a unique digital collectible, officially owned by the token holder. Each Lamb artwork is unique, and no two are the same (And some are very, very special...).The collection includes 10,000 unique collectibles with multiple traits, including different supercar models, colors, accessories, expressions, clothing, and much more.The complete collection is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. View our provenance record.
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lazy Lambs NFT
Lamborghini Broward - Official Supply Partner
4 Lambos

The Quad Lambo NFT Sweepstakes

Enjoy the high-end lifestyle with the ultimate symbol of prestige and quality.LazyLamb is giving back to the community while democratizing access to luxury. We’re giving away four very special NFTs that are redeemable for real Lamborghini vehicles, With each sweepstake unlocked by hitting one of our roadmap percentage targets:40% Lamborghini Urus
60% Lamborghini Huracán
80% Lamborghini Usus
100% Lamborghini Huracán
After the membership tokens are sold out, we’ll give another Lamborghini car for every 4,000 ETH in trading volume to continue adding value and sustaining a high floor price.Every Lamb in the collection is automatically entered for chance to win! Winners will be selected from a random sweepstakes drawing on Chainlink with 100% transparency.


We’re not just fun and lifestyle. At Lazy Lamb, we’re also committed to giving back something positive, and doing our part to help take care of others.We will donate 5% of net profits for the entirety of the project (including aftermarket sales) to charities and non-profit organizations with full transparency and oversight from the community.
Lazy Lambs NFT
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Road Map

The Team

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The Dreamer
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Sean C.

The Shaman
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The Weaver
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The Thinkerer
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Lenny G.

The Pet Lamb
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Artwork by YoungHero
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Smart-Contract by Atlas
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Utility Strategy + Website by Myosin
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Official Lamborghini Dealer

Why Lazy Lamb NFTs?

Giving back to the community while democratizing access to luxury

  • Premium car club with real-life events to build an actual community of car enthusiast
  • Balanced trading community: we will manage and help the community build wealth by providing access to ongoing rewards post-sell-out while keeping the floors balanced so the value of the NFT is tied to real utility.
  • As the treasury grows so do the rewards. A new car is rewarded to the community for every 4000 eth traded.
  • Bring underserved kids into the luxury car community to present a new view on lifestyle, access, and mentorship.
  • As an NFT, your Lazy Lamb membership becomes an asset. Your token can be sold or transferred to others at any time. The NFT structure creates a unique new opportunity to try alternative economic models, which will allow us to create a loyal, engaged member community, delivering exceptional and sustainable experiences for our members for the many years to come.
Lazy Lambs NFT